Give Footwear for a Cause



Having a pair of footwear to others is fashion and to some an everyday outfit but some less unfortunate ones it is a necessity. While, we are so fortunate enough to have a pair of footwear for ourselves there are those who seldom cannot afford to have one. This holds through with the farmers and their families in the slums/outskirts/rural areas. Everyday, they walk miles going to their farms stepping on mud, stones and rocks and taking to consideration from the scorching heat of the sun and wet path walks during rainy season. They put themselves at risk for foot borne diseases and susceptible to infections.


We, at Child Development Nepal believes that it’s not how many miles we have placed on our pair of footwear that matters but what is important is as long as it is still durable, wearable to be donated and still can be used by others that is all that matters. It’s like in sharing and donating our footwear there’s a part of us that shares our life’s journey to others by the pair of footwear we donate because footwear take us every day to certain destinations in our daily endeavours in life, in that way by donating a pair of footwear it’s like we travel together with those less fortunate ones in their quest of lives and giving them hope and joy to face their day to day.


GIVE FOOTWEAR FOR A CAUSE WAS INITIATED in the belief that everybody should have a pair of footwear most especially those at the grass root level to protect their feet from foot borne diseases and infections.