Drinking Water

Safe Water for Everyone using Effective Technology (SWEET)

As of now Organisation has setup 61 drinking water plants jointly supported by the Gram Panchayat, the community and various donors. Each plant serves the drinking water needs of the village where it is situated as well as 2-3 neighbouring villages with the potential of influencing 1,200,000 lives approximately. Today, 180 adopted villages have access to safe drinking water.

Most plants are operated by purpose-trained local youth, creating livelihoods as a by-product. The project is sustained through user charges, which are very nominal, making safe drinking water accessible to the poor. Meanwhile, the scheme is being replicated by various organisations within and outside India

Some of our goals are:

» To ensure that everybody has access to safe drinking water.
» Create awareness about the need to drink safe water.
» To generate income so that treated clean and potable water is within the financial reach of the people.

The Child Development Nepal Water Scheme

• One 1000-2000 litres-per-hour water purification plant per village.
• Shared investment between Organisation and community (villagers and Non Resident Villagers).
• Provides 3-4 litres of pure and safe drinking water per person per day at nominal service charge of 16 paise per litre.

Operation and maintenance of Child Development Nepal water plants:

» Two local youth are trained as operators. One plant manager and two helpers add up to create 5 jobs. Additional jobs are created through distribution networks.
» To overcome frequent power outages the plant is operated on flexible timings.
» 100% standby for all the critical components and adequate stocks of consumables is always ensured.
» Annual maintenance contract with plant supplier.
» Deployment of a maintenance team for every 5 plants

Child Development Nepal's Experience:

» Have set up 61 water plants, as of March 2018
» They can meet the needs of over 180 villages by providing access to 1,200,000 people
» Quick response maintenance system ensures uninterrupted supply
» Supplied in food-grade HDPE cans
» User charge of Rs 2.50 for 12 litres meets the cost of operation and maintenance
» People organise transport for home delivery at a nominal charge, if unable to pickup from the water plant

Status of the year

• 31 Drinking water plants are in operation.
• 30 Drinking water plants are handed over to Village Community
• 1,005,175 people of 201,035 families have availed this facility.
• 32,425 people / day have make use of this facility.


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