About Child Development Nepal


Child Development Nepal (CDN) was established in 2015 A.D. (2071 B.S.) which is registered in District Administration Office, Sarlahi district and affiliated with Social Welfare Council (SWC). CDN aims to bring changes in the lives of marginalized and deprived children and people due to economic, social, cultural, educational political reasons through ensuring their participation, survival, protection and development rights.

Since its establishment it has been working in various sectors i.e. child rights, adolescents sexual reproductive health, awareness program on earthquake, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, Violence against Women, vocational training to youths, awareness against human and child trafficking and support to flood affected children and Covid-19 response in collaboration with District Education Office, District Health Office, District Women and Children Office, District Development Committee, Municipalities and rural municipalities.

CDN is currently implementing a project “Education and Livelihood for Dignified Life” funded by Aide et Action Nepal for quality education and livelihood training since 2020. It has been working in collaboration with 10 Municipalities and Aide et Action Nepal for interventions on Livelihood, youth empowerment and employment, young women empowerment and employment, TVET, livelihoods/income generating activities, gender equality and social inclusion etc. Likewise, currently the organization is implementing Education and Livelihood for Dignified Life Project funding from Aide et Action Nepal.

Our Vision:-

Create equitable society for children and people marginalized deprived from education, social, cultural, political and economic through improved participation, development, protection and survival rights and human rights.

Our Mission:-

Implement good governance, sustainable peace and development and social change programs through creating awareness, organizing and mobilizing children, youth and people from marginalized and deprived from social, economic, education for equitable development and social justice.

Our Goal:-

Enhance participation of children, youth, and community people from need identification to monitoring and evaluation of programs for addressing illiteracy, untouchability, unemployment & livelihood, health issues through participatory and democratic process.

Thematic Area:-

  • Education
  • Health & Sanitation
  • Agriculture & Farming
  • Livelihood, TVET & Vocational Trainings for Youths and Women

Our Reach:-

  • 7, 182 (2,153 dalits) Children’s through different programs conducted by CDN.
  • 8,913 (2,673 dalits) Student’s benefited by CDN.
  • 1,152 Teachers got different types of training based on quality education conducted by CDN.
  • 2,220 (223 dalits) Women’s benefited from CDN.
  • 1340 (506 dalits) Youth’s got different skill trainings provided by CDN.
  • 407 Farmers got training on modern methods of farming from the programs conducted by CDN.
  • 4,790 house hold received relief through the CDN during covid-19 and other natural disasters.
  • 13,543 others people are directly and indirectly got benefited from CDN.  

Our Partner:

  • Aide et Action International Nepal, Lalitpur Kathmandu
  • Education and Social Welfare Ministry (Madhesh Province)
  • Barahathawa Municipality
  • Bishnu Rural Municipality
  • Haripur Municipality
  • Chakraghatta Municipality
  • Kaudena Rural Municipality
  • Chandranagar Municipality
  • Balara Municipality
  • Brahmpuri Rural Municipality

For more information, write to us at [email protected] 


Enriching the Lives of the Marginalised Communities of NEPAL through Quality Education, Skill development,
Livelihood generation, Healthcare, Environment safety, Disaster response and Agriculture Initiatives