Money is just a medium to achieve one's aspirations in life. A person is not rich or poor based on his or her bank balance, so we are correct in saying that sharing is caring. This was the premise to join Child Development Nepal family and have an extended family

Amarjeet Kaur

Over my four years of association with Child Development Nepal, the organisation has provided me with a wonderful opportunity to help someone somewhere live a better life and make a future for themselves. Knowing that a child is happy with my gift is priceless!

Santosh Singh

I am very happy with the experience of sponsoring one child and would like to keep continuing in future as well. I am happy to know that I can make a difference in a child's life and would do my best to help as much as I can and would recommend everyone out there to use this service and help the poor and the needy children

Atul Mishra

My association with Child Development Nepal started 5 years ago. I’m proud to be associated with an organisation that is committed towards education, healthcare, women empowerment and poverty alleviation. I will continue to support them to help people in need

Shamshad Hussain

The health programmes and campaigns being carried out by Child Development Nepal has helped strengthen health delivery system, apart from informing the community about important health and hygiene issues

Samuel J.

Child Development Nepal is doing great work. I am happy to make whatever contribution I can. The new year greeting which I received last year from the child whom I was supporting brought tears to my eyes and once again highlighted the support that institutions like Child Development Nepal need from us. So I would request all the capable citizens of our country to contribute for this noble cause

Rubeena Nawaz

The people at Child Development Nepal are all very helpful – especially when the language barrier stops me of continuing my work and the coherence among the team members is very impressive

Satendra Choudhary